Volikes Creative Solutions is one of the most respectable company in Kerala with highly skilled team, it is a specialized company with over 15 years experience


Volikes Digitizing is a famous name in digitizing industry. We’ve been serving the digitizing industry since the industry is growing and most of the times our quality and on-time dedication speaks with our work. We are equipped with highly skilled technical staff, branded machinery, professional embroidery digitizers, screen printing experts, well versed quality assurance team and advanced management for your orders. We use the latest technologies and the best materials to provide some of the highest quality services available in the industry today. We’re the one stop service providing agency for your vectorising and digitizing needs. We strive for the quality and perfection so satisfaction is always guaranteed!

We understand the importance of having the exact design to embroidered patterns to satisfy our customer’s demands. That’s why we promise quality digitizing by our team of experienced professional. Your satisfaction is our first priority. Our expert team delivers the highest quality and our system makes ordering and managing designs files easily.


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We provide a very high standard Bitmap to Vector conversion service. Each job is checked over carefully before being sent out to the customer and we very rarely have to make any alterations after the initial vector files have been sent. Although on some occasions where the original artwork is low quality then we have to make our own judgement and redraw the best we can. On these occasions if anything needs altering afterwards then we will make any amendments free of charge.

Vectors scalable to any size!

Once your bitmap or raster image has been converted to vector it can be scaled to any size without any loss in quality. We will take your pixelated bitmap image such as a jpeg or png file and redraw accurately redraw it into a high quality vector image. Vector images are drawn using mathematical relationships between points and paths therefore enabling them to be scaled up to any size and will always remain sharp.


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Volikes Healthcare is a dynamic, progressive company with a dedicated team that offers over 25 years’ experience in successfully providing streamlined billing and collection services. We stand out from the crowd by offering the latest technology and billing best-practices to the healthcare sector. Our proven results have ensured our ongoing place as a trusted partner for many private medical specialists throughout the India.

Since 1997, we have brought forth innovative programs that provide only the best health care for you and your family. Today, standing by our principle of offering outstanding service and plans for people at all life stages, VOLIKES HEALTHCARE has grown into one of India’s best health and wellness service provider in health insurance sector.


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